Programs for women in transition

In Spring 2010, Anne was invited to meet with a group of homeless women at a daytime drop-in center in Santa Rosa, CA. At the time, we had no idea if DreamWeather’s work would be of value in a situation where basic needs such as housing, money or work are critical and where there seems to be so little hope. But Anne discovered a common thread running through the women's stories and dreams. This thread was the need to restore their connection to their deeper self, and to develop trust in their own innate wisdom.

Our "Finding Strength in the Quiet' program began here, which Anne co-facilitiates with other women. It provide tools and cultivates inner resources which empower women to meet and transform the challenges they face. For many, this program is key to making the transition to live in a different, more sustainable way. Many women in the groups had not shared their stories or dreams before or knew that the dreams could help them. Most of the women had never been to a homeless shelter before and longed for a place of quiet.

These circles:

~ Support women to get on their feet in a sustainable way, by enabling them to access a deeper part within themselves which is beyond the trauma.

~ Amplify the women’s own innate wisdom through sharing dreams and stories of their lives.

~ Foster a sense of connectedness to other women, lessening feelings of isolation, and reducing anxiety and fear.

~ Restore focus, giving greater clarity and sense of calm that can empower their goals and everyday actions.

Comments from women in the program:    
These tools that I learned here, are special tools that I need. When I am not in this room, I can practice.

My intuition is growing, and I learned to breathe like the waves, with the wave coming in and then going out like the ocean.

I felt so alone. There are so many people and so little connection. But after I was at the meeting, I felt like I was connected.

I had the first dream I've had in years after coming to this group. The dream helped me to trust that I can make the next step.

I learned it is not only for me. I share. We share. What we learn here touches other people.

This program has been held at: 

The Living Room, Santa Rosa, CA       
                       COTS, Petlauma, CA                                
The Red Shoes, Baton Rouge, LA (for women from Bishop Ott Shelter)