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Finding Home:

Restoring the Sacred to Life - Stories of Women in Homelessness & Transition

Published by Nicasio Press, 2016.
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This luminous collection of stories by and about newly homeless women reveals how the deepest form of empowerment can be found when women are given a heartfully-tended space in which to reconnect with the sacred within themselves. Deftly weaving the women’s own writing and sometimes their dreams with Anne Scott's own reflections, Finding Home presents an inspiring and compassionate picture of the healing that is possible for women when held in safely contained groups whose focus is on listening within, to the beauty and wisdom that awaits our attention.

Offering invaluable guidance for those wishing to work with homeless women in transition, this book also serves as a beacon to us all, for finding our true inner home, through the eloquent ways it points us back to a deeper way of relating to life and its sacred source.


Women, Wisdom & Dreams:

The light of the feminine soul

In this elegant and practical guide on feminine wisdom and dreams, Anne Scott leads us into a deepening relationship with our dream world, not only to help us understand its personal significance, but also to use the insights we uncover there to help heal our world.

Asking us to cultivate a courageous attentiveness to our inner lives, Anne provides valuable tools for restoring the link between feminine spirituality and social change. Reclaiming the language of dreams, practicing states of inner attentiveness and stillness in our busy lives, and gathering in groups to share from a deeper place offer rich ways to reconnect to the love, joy and creativity that are our birthright and contribution to life.

Published by Nicasio Press, 2008.

Book: $14.95 + shipping

The Divine Feminine

Interview with Anne Scott and Host Wendy McLaughlin of Sufi Radio on KWMR now available on CD.

"I am a nurse practitioner, specializing in integrative health care for women. I found your interview to be very moving. I could feel the responses to the interviewer's questions coming from a deep calm a fountain of nourishing waters for women. I thought, every woman should hear this interview!  Young women who are just starting out on their path, aging women who are finding themselves lost in the confusion of youth oriented cultural stigmas. If we could know our beauty and sacredness, so much of what we suffer in terms of low self-esteem would be healed, and our creative energies would be free to flower."

                     ~ Elaine Weil, Nurse Practioner, CA

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Women Working with Oneness

How can women bring a new quality of being into life? During this conference Anne Scott, Paulette Fox, Sobonfu Somé and Habibe Husain each revealed their own experience of the essential qualities of women. These four speakers affirm that we have a spiritual responsibility to be in the world living from our essential nature as women. This is the responsibility we have for the earth and for all life, and it embraces the past, present and the future.

Recorded at Peacock Gap Country Club
San Rafael, CA

Set of 2 CDs: $14.00 + shipping